About Emma Frain

Emma Frain is an outstanding model of extraordinary attractiveness. This slim, tall and talented lady has been able to succeed in the competitive world of beauty because of her exquisite physical features and her remarkable intelligence. Discover the skills and qualities that make this wonderful lady so admired by her fans.

A delightful beauty that captivates you from the first moment

sensual emma

Emma Frain is the new star of designers and seamstresses. This successful lady has learned to use her sensual curves and her blue ocean eyes as her personal brand. However, she is aware that to be a successful international model, beauty is not enough.

From a very young age she was a lover of artistic expression. For that reason, she began taking dance classes since she was two years old. She also practices since then artistic gymnastics, singing and theater, all spontaneously.

While attending a model course in her hometown she was selected as the best advertising face during an important casting. Although at that time Emma was only 16 years old, she had a height of 1.8 meters and an exquisite grace that made her stand out among the others. She started her career working occasionally for prestigious agencies until she turned 18.

Time passed faster from that moment on. Parades, photo shootings and campaigns filled her agenda. And soon she got what she wanted the most, work abroad, become an international model.

A skillful professional who is not afraid of challenges

Emma is constantly aware of the demands of her profession. She knows that to be successful in this field it is not enough to comply with certain canons of beauty or know how to walk properly. Luxury brands, above all, demand a lot more from a model.

For that reason she prepares herself diligently for each presentation. This young lady wears innovative haircuts alternating wavy hair and other flashy styles. Her simple and fresh makeup makes her a model for young generations. It is no wonder that her beauty and her abilities have created a unique impact on her followers.